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automation system

pproviding counseling services about smart unique home design and creative automation like hidden safety box, wall and smart curtain by ZEM mechatronic team.‚Äč

product catalogs

providing different catalogue of products include lighting switch and socket and other lighting equipment such as ceiling light etc.

lighting service

Providing interior lighting services and equipment for residential, office and commercial projects with the latest methods in the world.

Studies office

researching the most up-to-date inventions such as Tesla Coil and Tesla Gun, studying the world's scientific theories and testing the world's largest lamp in the laboratory by ZEM's scientific team.

recent projects

In this section, you can visit the projects of this collection, including "ESPINAS Palace Hotel", "FAZLLOLAHI Group" project, "PARAMIS Park Group" project and other executive projects.

sale agency and representation

To know the conditions for obtaining sales agency and representation, contact the sales office of the representation department.

zem showroom

The showroom of Zanjireh Ebtekarat Mana company (ZEM) is open every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm to visit the showroom and products. It is our honor to welcome you dear friends.

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